Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions represent the business conditions of the Landlord, Renfox apartments (hereinafter: Rentfox or the Landlord), for the provision of accommodation in Rentfox apartments, in Crikvenica, Podšupera 32 (hereinafter:  Terms and Conditions).

The subject of these Terms and Conditions is the regulation of mutual relations between the Landlord on the one hand, and the user of accommodation (hereinafter: Guest) on the other hand, when booking accommodation in the Rentfox offer.

The landlord provides accommodation services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, and according to the confirmation and specification of each reservation. Relevant regulations of the Republic of Croatia will apply to all mutual relations between the Landlord and the Guest, which are not specifically regulated by the Terms and Conditions and the Agreement.



By confirming the reservation and paying the advance payment, the guest confirms that he is familiar with these Terms and Conditions, which he has previously carefully studied, and that he accepts them in full. Everything stated in these Terms and Conditions is a legal obligation for both the Guest and the Landlord.



Inquiries and accommodation reservations are accepted in electronic form, via the website rentfox.eu, via e-mail address: info@rentfox.eu, by phone at: +385916008880, or in person.

  • Upon the Guest’s request to book accommodation by e-mail, telephone or in person, Rentfox prepares an Offer for accommodation in Renfox apartments, at the agreed time.

The offer contains the designation of the apartment to be rented, the exact date of renting the apartment, the number of guests, the total price of accommodation, the amount of the advance payment (the cost of sending money is borne by the payer), payment deadlines and necessary payment information.

  • After sending the Reservation Request via the rentfox.eu website, the Guest will receive a confirmation via the website and e-mail that the Reservation Request has been received.

Confirmation of the reservation request contains the code of the apartment to be rented, the exact date of rent, the number of guests, the total price of accommodation, the amount of advance payment (cost of sending money borne by the payer), payment deadlines and necessary payment information.



In order for the reservation to be finally confirmed, it is necessary within 24 hours:

  • make an advance payment, according to the confirmation and specification of each reservation
  • send the confirmation of payment to the Landlord at: info@rentfox.eu

If the payment is not made within the specified period and / or the Confirmation of payment is not delivered to the specified e-mail address, the reservation is considered automatically canceled and the Lessor has the right to offer and rent the accommodation to another Guest.

The rest of the amount, according to the confirmation and specification of each reservation, is paid before arrival or upon arrival at the apartment, in agreement with the landlord. In the event that the Guest does not pay the remaining amount of the reservation within the agreed period, the Landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation.



Recipient’s name: Sonjica Lisac

Address: Mahatme Gandhia Street 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Payment description – Reservation [Reservation ID]

1. Guests who make payments from the Republic of Croatia (Internet banking, general payment slip) make payments in kuna equivalent according to the middle exchange rate of the CNB d.d. on the day of payment, to the account of the Landlord, open code: Raiffeisenbank d.d. Zagreb, HR – 10,000

IBAN: HR 1024840083236740401

2. Guests who make payments from abroad, make payments by bank transfer, to the foreign currency account of the Landlord, open code: Raiffeisenbank d.d., Zagreb HR – 10 000

IBAN: HR 2324840083292726918


Please enter the OUR option for the bank fee. (The costs of the sending bank and the receiving bank shall be borne by the Guest in full.)



Prices of services are published with each accommodation unit. Prices are published in EUR. The landlord reserves the right to change the published prices. The listed prices are for stays longer than 4 nights. In case of a stay shorter than 4 nights, the Landlord has the right to increase the price of accommodation.

The valid price of the specific accommodation service is stated on the Offer received from the Landlord via e-mail or on the Confirmation of receipt of the Reservation Request received during the booking via the rentfox.eu website.

To the guest who has paid the advance or the entire amount for a particular reservation, the Landlord guarantees the price of accommodation, specified in the Offer / Confirmation of the reservation on the basis of which he made the payment.



The guest is obliged to clean the apartment before leaving. The final cleaning that the Guest is obliged to do includes washing and stacking dishes, removing garbage and sweeping all the rooms so that the building is returned to the Landlord tidy. As a rule, the Landlord does not provide toilet paper.

The guest is, among other things, obliged to:

  • possess valid travel documents
  • provide all information required by the booking process adhere to the house rules in accommodation facilities, and cooperate with the Landlord in good faith 
  • pay an advance within 24 hours of booking, and the remaining amount, according to the confirmation and specification of each reservation, before arrival or at the latest upon arrival at the apartment, in accordance with the agreement with the Landlord. The price in EUR will be converted into Croatian kuna in accordance with the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank on the day of payment
  • on the spot, fully compensate any damage done to the Landlord or other persons
  • report immediately when sending an inquiry for accommodation if you plan to arrive with more people than the stated accommodation capacity, even if they are minor children. The possibility of staying with a larger number of people depends solely on the good will of the Landlord, which does not exclude the possibility of charging a surcharge for additional persons. There is no rule according to which minor children can stay in accommodation free of charge and without notice.



  • booked accommodation is available to the Guest after 2 pm and must be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure
  • private parking is provided within the building for one motor vehicle per accommodation unit
  • if more people come to the booked accommodation unit than indicated when booking the accommodation, the Landlord has the right to deny service to unannounced Guests or accept all Guests with extra charge of unannounced Guests on the spot during the stay
  • the guest receives the necessary keys and is obliged to handle them with the utmost care. If he loses the key, the Guest is responsible for all costs incurred
  • the arrival and stay of a minor is allowed only accompanied by an adult
  • youth groups are not allowed
  • The Landlord reserves the right to deny the reserved service to the Guest in the event that the Guest brings a pet to the accommodation without notice or prior agreement and consent of the Landlord
  • on the day of departure, the Guest is obliged to allow the Landlord to review the condition of the rented accommodation, and hand it over in the condition as found on the day of arrival linen and towels changed once a week (on arrival)
  • use of the Internet is enabled via a wireless network. The network is a voluntary, free service for the Guest. The renter does not guarantee the availability or security of the network, nor any liability for any damage. The username and password can only be used by the Guest during the stay and they must remain secret
  • smoking in the apartment is prohibited The Landlord reserves the right to refuse the reserved service to the Guest in case of non-compliance with the house rules contained in these General Terms and Conditions, despite previous warnings



  • Guests are obliged to use the accommodation units with the care of a good host, taking care that other guests and the Landlord do not interfere with the peaceful use of their accommodation units.
  • Users of accommodation units are obliged to maintain the cleanliness of the rooms they use
  • It is not allowed to throw rubbish, washbasins, sinks, etc. into the toilet, hygienic face masks, wet wipes, kitchen paper towels, sanitary pads or other items that could clog the drain pipes.
  • It is not allowed to leave switched on electrical and gas appliances or open taps in case of absence from the apartment or business premises.
  • It is not allowed to disturb the peace in the accommodation units by shouting, loud use of devices for reproducing images and sound (TV, radio, etc.), or other similar procedures, especially in the period for afternoon rest from 15.00 to 18.00 and evening rest from 22.00 to 08.00 pets must not be left unattended in the apartment.
  • It is forbidden to move pets in a way that endangers human health and safety
  • Pet owners are obliged to immediately clean the dirt caused by their animals in accommodation units or common parts of the facility In common parts of the building, especially on the stairs, it is not allowed to hold objects that obstruct the passage and can cause accidents, infections or unpleasant odors, as well as objects that pose a risk of fire and spread
  • Persons not registered Guests are not allowed to stay in the apartments without the permission of the owner
  • The guest is obliged to treat with care the furniture, objects and / or devices in the accommodation unit. The guest is obliged to compensate for any damage caused to the apartment.
  • Guests are obliged to promptly, by phone or in person, to report to the Landlord any damage and / or destruction of furniture, objects and / or devices in the apartment In case of prolonged absence from the apartment, the Guest is obliged to turn off the air conditioning, turn off all lights and close the external windows, doors and awnings to avoid hitting and damage in case of strong wind

In cases of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the House Rules contained therein, the Guest bears the costs and is responsible for the damage.

By confirming the reservation, the Guest undertakes that if he or other persons with him on vacation cause any damage to the Landlord, accommodation units, other guests or their belongings and / or third parties, pay all damages on the spot.



Any change or cancellation of the reservation the Guest is obliged to send to the Landlord in writing (e-mail) so that the Landlord would be able to process the request. It is not possible to change or cancel a reservation by phone. In case of cancellation of the confirmed reservation, the Landlord reserves the right to continue renting the accommodation, and the date of receipt of the written cancellation is the basis for the calculation of costs.

Refund of the advance payment is possible only for cancellation made up to 30 days before the agreed date of arrival at the accommodation unit.

In case the Guest cancels the confirmed reservation less than 30 days before the agreed date of arrival in the accommodation unit, the Landlord retains the advance payment.

For reserved and unused days of stay in the apartment, a refund is not possible.

If the Guest does not arrive at the booked accommodation by midnight on the day of the agreed arrival, without notifying the Landlord of late arrival and paying the full amount of accommodation for a reservation, the reservation is canceled, the Landlord retains the advance payment and has the right to continue renting the accommodation.



The landlord is not responsible for circumstances beyond his control such as wars, terrorism, riots and riots, strikes, natural disasters and natural disasters, epidemics, bans, restrictions by local government, serious illness, etc. The Landlord reserves the right to change and cancel the reservation in the event of extraordinary circumstances that cannot be foreseen, avoided or eliminated.



The guest is obliged to take care of their belongings brought into the accommodation. The guest is responsible for the theft, loss or damage of items left without his supervision. The landlord is not responsible for damaged, stolen or lost luggage, as well as for theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation facility. The Guest is obliged to report the lost luggage or theft to the Landlord and the competent police station.



The guest is obliged to cooperate with the Landlord in good faith to eliminate the causes of the complaint. A guest who leaves the facility and finds other accommodation on his own initiative due to dissatisfaction with the current condition of the booked accommodation, without giving the Landlord the opportunity to eliminate the cause of his dissatisfaction, has no right to demand a refund or a lawsuit for damages.

The landlord cannot be held responsible for possible climatic conditions, cleanliness and sea temperatures, and all other similar situations and events that may cause dissatisfaction of the Guest, and not directly related to the quality of the booked accommodation unit (eg bad weather, bad beaches, crowds) , theft or damage to property, etc.).



The guest gives his personal data to the Landlord voluntarily. The Landlord, as the head of personal data processing, protects the privacy of the Guest and undertakes to protect the collected personal data of the Guest, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. The collection and storage of data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. on data protection (OG 42/2018) and other regulations governing the subject area, which are applicable in the Republic of Croatia.

The Landlord, as the data processing manager, processes only those personal data that are necessary for the purpose of realization of the requested service, fulfillment of obligations from the Terms and Conditions, in order to fulfill legal obligations of the Contractor arising from coercive legal regulations. , as well as the key interests of the Guest as a respondent. The Landlord is authorized to deliver the collected data to third parties for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations from the requested service and legal obligations. The Landlord processes personal data fairly, legally and transparently and takes care of their accuracy, completeness, timeliness and security.

The Guest declares that it is familiar with the scope and purpose of personal data processing, and by accepting these Terms and Conditions gives its express consent and consent that the Landlord as data controller collects, processes, uses and analyzes data relating to the Guest, including their personal data. described purposes.

The Landlord will keep the data related to the contracted accommodation service for the duration and after the termination of the accommodation service, as long as there is an obligation or justified interest of the Landlord to keep the documentation (eg accounting).



In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation, application, duration, validity or consequences of the Terms and Conditions, the Guest and the Landlord undertake to try to resolve the dispute amicably and amicably. Otherwise, the court with actual and territorial jurisdiction in Crikvenica will have jurisdiction to resolve disputes, with the applicable law being Croatian law.

In the event that one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions are found null and void, illegal or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity, legality or enforceability of other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which will remain in full force and effect.

Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions be declared null and void, such null and void provision shall be immediately replaced by a new provision which shall be of valid form and content and which shall endeavor in a legally valid manner to achieve, to the extent possible, provisions.

The Terms and Conditions are available in the accommodation units and are also published on the Landlord’s website.

These Terms and Conditions enter into force on March 21, 2022.