Booking received

IMPORTANT: Please pay the amount of the advance payment within 24 hours in order for the reservation to be fully confirmed. Send the confirmation of payment to the email

Payment details:
Recipient’s name: Sonjica Lisac
Address: Mahatme Gandhia Street 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

For payments from Croatia (Internet banking, general payment slip) in kuna equivalent according to the middle exchange rate of the CNB d.d. on the day of payment:
Raiffeisenbank d.d. Zagreb, HR – 10,000
IBAN: HR 1024840083236740401
Payment description – Reservation [Reservation ID]

For payments to a foreign currency account, from abroad:
Raiffeisenbank d.d., Zagreb HR – 10 000
IBAN: HR 2324840083292726918
Payment description – Reservation [Reservation ID]
Please enter the OUR option for the bank fee (the costs of the sending bank and the receiving bank are borne by the guest in full)

If payment is not made within 24 hours and / or the Proof of Payment is not submitted, the reservation is considered automatically canceled and the Lessor has the right to rent the accommodation to another Guest.

You can download the PDF with payment details below: